Forklift Safe Operation Training Course


Presented by: Steve Carver, Fast Forward Services, Inc.


Carver has over thirty five years experience training operators industry and small business in North Carolina.  There is a “no fail” quiz to promote discussions and input.  Some time is spent speaking about skid steer loader (Bobcat) safety issues.

A forklift operator’s license certifying course completion.

Three year expiration. 

A certificate of training completion suitable for framing will be send to each attendee that maybe used with their resume or their employer.

The course focus on the following subjects:  
Listing the required safety equipment on forklifts.

Discuss the difference in the operation of an automobile compared to a forklift.

 Knowing the main components and functions of a forklift.
Concerns about the forks (tines), their capacity and safety issues.

Tips about operating a forklift on ramps and inside tight spaces.

The different types of brakes  transmissions on forklifts.

Do and don’ts related to vision, tires, tilting the mast, riders, attention to duty. 
Understanding the capacity and counterweight function. 
Review of a daily maintenance checklist for forklifts. 
Review of  many safety tips for all forklift operators.

Information about the laws concerning required forklift safety training.

Hands On the Forklift training session.

Driving, lifting, steering, operating basic skills evaluation of each student.

PPT presentation

Handouts: Safety Tips, Quiz, Forklift daily check list for safety


Forklift Safe Operation Training Course

Contact Steve Carver for details.

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This training is for standard, basic material handling powered, sit down rider, forklifts powered by gasoline, diesel, LP gas, electric as used by 95% of businesses.  Some lift trucks require special - different training.


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