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Steve Carver's
360 Presentation's of Entrepreneurial Strategies for Success.

SERIES of 5, 7 or 10 Core Topics plus:
Pricing, Merchandising and Forecasting - Sale Skills

- Things to consider when starting, growing or expanding:
  to Turn my Hobby into Business
  to Buy an Existing Small Business
  Trucking Business
  Home Based Business
  Internet Retail Business
  Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial or Personal Service Business
  Lawn Care - Mowing - Landscaping Business
  Eatery, Catering, Coffee, Sandwich Shop Business

  Home Grown or Home Made Business:
  Crafts Business
  Vendor Business
  Appraising Business *(not including real estate)
  Power Washing Business
  Welding or Fabricating Business

- How owners can Expand and/or Revitalize a small business - 18 ways.
- How owners can "DAZZLE" customers as soon as they enter a business.
- The Art of Marketing and Advertising a small business in NC.
- How to make Ads pay their own way.
- Sales 404 - Professional Salesmanship skills, tools, strategies.
- How to choose the right type business - 500 types.
- Are you ready to become a new or current business owner?

Core: The Fundamentals: 24 things you must know when Starting a Small Business.
Core: Create a Business Plan and Models with easy to use template..
Core: Create a Golden Goose Marketing Plan for your business long term profits and sustainability.
Core: How to Find and Bring in More Customers to Your Store, Office, Web Site.
Core: How to Fund - Finance a new business, Money Management: Understanding cash flow
Core: Bookkeeping goals and forecasting strategies for small business owners.
Core: Taxes Information for new small business owners. Who, What, When, Why.

- Targeting to Find the Right Customers for a startup new business.
- 26 Ways to Boost Sales quickly. Jump start Sales.
- Create a Customer Experience (Service) that creates Raving Fan Customers.
- How to establish prices for products and services while using a good understanding
- Fair Market Values as a guide.
- How to Research, Plan and Conduct a Winning Sales Strategy to boost sales and profits.
- Conquer the Competition. Small business smart moves.
- How business owners can improve sales with enhanced Merchandising and Pricing Skills.
- Enhance business owners Negotiating skills and tactics to grow your business and sells.
- Deal Closing Secrets for small business owners.
- How to improve your personal Credit Score and/or business Credit Rating.
- Guerrilla Marketing, a great secret weapon
- Enhance business and personal PRESENTATIONS with WOW factors.
- Customer Service with a CAPITAL "S" and start creating raving fan customers.
- Business Owner: Cash Flow Problems. 15 ways to create positive cash.
- Exit Strategy for small business owners
- How much is my Business Worth and how to increase values without investing lots more money?

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